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Stephen Smith / Neasden Control Centre Biography  

The shop is artist run selling original and one off products, prints, publications, ceramics all designed or made by Stephen Smith. Stephen Smith is an illustrator & artist who has been working under the studio name of Neasden Control Centre since 2000 and whose work encompasses a range of hand drawn illustration commissions and installation projects. He makes work that draws on conspiracy theories, bit-rot, psycho-geography and post-traumatic landscapes. He works predominately with painting, drawing, print and installation. Using a process of formal abstraction he deconstructs and reconstructs the form and language of the work. He has exhibited his work internationally including: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Nam June Paik Centre (South Korea) and Mu (Netherlands).  

Stephen is a member of the Unknown Fields Division (Architectural Association) a nomadic design group and was artist in residence with the group on a field trip to Chernobyl, the Aral Sea and Baikonur Cosmodrome (Russian Space Centre) in 2011.

He continues to lead workshops and present his work at institutions and international conferences including: Semi-Permanent Conference in Los Angeles and Portland and Pictoplasma in Berlin. In 2014 he was invited to lead and run a workshop to BFA students at Calarts / California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles and at Manchester Metropolitan University in co-ordination with the V&A and Peoples History Museum (2015).

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